Tec 40

PADI Tec 40

Interested in going beyond the limits of recreational scuba diving? Looking to improve your dive skills, and become an even better buddy? PADI's Tec 40 course is your ticket to life with 'deeper meaning'! Your first step into the world of technical diving, PADI's Tec 40 course will introduce you to the fundamentals of this fascinating sport and teach you the necessary skills.

Scubadive West is delighted to offer the PADI Tec 40 course on an ongoing basis. Cillian Gray, PADI Course Director and Tec Instructor, will head up your training.

What will the PADI Tec 40 course qualify me to do?

Use decompression software and dive computers to plan and make decompression dives with not more than 10 minutes of total decompression and not deeper than 40 metres.

Use a single cylinder of decompression gas with up to 50% oxygen (EANx50) to add conservatism to the required decompression.

What will I do on the Tec 40 course?

You qualify as a Tec40 diver through practical theory and training dives; including tec diving drills. This course will take place over two and a half days.

Your first and second day involve two shore based dives where you will practise the following skills:

- Equipment assembly

- Valve shut down and isolation

- SMB use in preparation for extended deco stops

- Out of gas drills

- NO TOX switches

- Removal and replacement of stage bottles in water

- Advanced neutral buoyancy skills

Day three will see you undertaking two boat dives, to a maximum depth of 40 metres. You will apply the skills learnt previously and work closely with your buddy in dive planning. Your first boat dive will be a simulated decompression dive, while your second dive of the day will be an actual decompression dive.

Who can enroll on the PADI Tec 40 course?

Anybody looking to participate in the PADI Tec 40 course will need to meet the following criteria:

- Certified PADI Advanced Openwater or equivalent from another training organisation

- Certified as a PADI Enriched Air Nitrox diver or equivalent from another training organisation

- Certified as a PADI Deep Diver or equivalent from another training organisation or show proof of at least 10 dives to 30 metres

- Have at least 30 logged dives, 10 of which were made on Enriched Air Nitrox to a minimum of 18 metres

What dive equipment will I need for the Tec 40 course?

One advantage of the PADI Tec 40 course is it can be undertaken using your existing recreational dive gear, with some slight alterations. Scubadive West will provide the required cylinders and long regulator hoses for the courses. You will need to provide an additional regualtor; including first and second stage.

How much does the Tec 40 cost & when can I do it?

This course costs €499. Book your place with a deposit of €95. We will then post you your Crewpack and required PDFs; Tec 40 handout and Tec 40 knowledge reviews.

2017 Tec 40 Course Dates.

Friday 19th May to Sunday 21st May 2017.

The course starts at 1pm on Friday and runs until Sunday afternoon. 

Call or email us for further 2017 dates.

Contact us with your booking.


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